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I have a backlog of blogs. That’s hard to say out loud. Specially like three times fast…I’m blaming my lightroom for not saving storyboards that I make for blogs and then I can also blame my frustration and impatient nature for giving up and then not moving forward with a blog at all. I’m sitting on a bunch of images I really love and hoarding all to myself, sorry y’alls.

But, I’m breaking my streak today. It’s been rainy and depressing in Virginia for well over a week and if I don’t post pictures of a time when it was sunny and deliciously warm outside I may sink into a deep dark state of grumpiness.

This session was our 8th time together. EIGHTH. When these guys moved out of the NOVA area I had a real moment of sadness thinking that I wouldn’t get to capture their moments together as these little nuggets grew up. Thankfully, we are still making it HAPPEN.

Little Elliotte is now 4 months old and the definition of a delightful little baby. I thought my Emma was chilled out…but this missy…takes the cake. She also has one of the best baby smiles I’ve ever seen, I JUST LOVE HER FACE SO MUCH. And little Sully is just one of my favorite little guys, I mean…he’s barely 2 and could probably win this presidential election with his knowledge of Thomas the tank engine alone.

XOXO guys, can’t wait til number 9!




Baby “Blizz” ::Wee Ones:: Northern Virginia Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Ryan was my husbands first roommate after college. They lived in this little blue house on a really steep hill and had video game character stickers on the wall. I spent a lot of time in that blue house and I spent a lot of time sitting back and watching Ryan transition from having a crush on Rachel to being  completely swept up by her :).

Since then, they’ve added a new little prince to the mix. Baby “blizz” is aptly nicknamed for being born during the biggest blizzard Northern Virginia has seen in a long time, mother nature just DUMPED foot upon foot of snow on us like she was just bored and wanted to see how we would handle it. It snowed the morning my son was born…but it only flurried and that was enough to give me anxiety…3 feet of snow the days leading up to your anticipated due date is something only the warrior mamas can handle, and Rachel is the newest warrior mama on the block.

Baby “Blizz” fills his parents with such joy and is LOVED so hard. He’s a perfect blend of the two of them and is ridiculously good looking as a baby…Zoolander ain’t got nothing on his blue steel.

Welcome Baby O!

Baby Elliotte :: Wee Ones :: Richmond Newborn Photographer

Oh the sweet, sweet gift of a baby sister.

This is something I try and get my own child to realize everyday! At times he is more annoyed at her presence and current interest in his cars and wishes she would just stick to the “baby toys”…but maybe one day he’ll get how lovely it is :).

Sully is one of my favorite new big brothers. When I found out his parents were taking him away from me…errr…moving…I was really sad. One, because I really love photographing his sweet face and two, because I knew he was welcoming a new little sister and I was gutted to think that ANOTHER photographer was going to replace me…Mostly all of my feelings were selfish, but THANKFULLY, Brooke asked me if I would consider traveling down to Richmond for their first session as a family of four and I JUMPED at this opportunity :).

I could have spent the entire time simply playing and talking with this precocious little boy of 2. Having an almost 3 year old boy, I know the inner mind of a 2 year old boy fairly well and can speak toddler…it’s a gift. Daniel tiger? “If you have to go potty, stop and go right away” is a constant in this house. Dinosaur train? Classic in the Jurassic anyone? Thomas the train? Percy, Thomas, James, Emily, Cranky…I know the whole clan. But I did have a job to do…and these guys just made it REAL easy on me.

Beautiful family, beautiful new home, most easy going baby on the planet who never cried…like ever…and a little guy who just made me smile with every polite “Ms. Lindsey” that he uttered.

I am so so thrilled to kick 2016 off with this precious family! Welcome baby Elliotte (Darling Name BTW)!



Having a baby in 2016? Know someone who is? Let’s chat!

Simplifying for 2016!

Every year, I learn new things when it comes to how I want things to run around here, #girlboss moment.

2015 was a really great year! New families, new locations, new experiences, favorite family repeats, new babies, new homes, etc.! I loved capturing each moment and each new experience. I also put myself in front of the camera three times this year so I can remember what it is like to be YOU all :). It’s tough, I know, but I still think it can be fun :).

The main thing I learned this year, is that I want to simplify the process for everyone, starting with prices, we’re trimming the fat around here…so to speak :).

2016 Pricing List LGP


In other words, I’m cutting prices (yup, cutting, not raising) and a la carte options and getting back to the basics. I can’t wait to see where 2016 takes me and what stories we get to tell together….thank you thank you thank you to everyone for an awesome 2015, cheers!

Families:: The Georgiadis Family :: Northern Virginia Family Photographer

After awhile, my “role” as photographer kinda blurs a bit. I love getting to know all of you all on a deeper level then just, “ok everyone smile here!” and asking about holiday plans or vacation plans or which tv show your kids like best so I can connect with them instantly. But my favorite is when we get to move past that and I really get to document your lives on a stronger level!

When Rhema and her family moved to this big beautiful home this year, I knew this was where we had to do our yearly shoot! This was a big event in their lives, and it is so representative of them, now, and it is gorgeous!

It warms my heart that when I show up (10 minutes early…oops, sorry guys), the kids are jumping up and down at the door because they know our time together is about to be FUN and not stressful or agonizing :). We simply played. I let them show me all around their new house, tell me their favorite new spots, and let them just Be, as they are today, together.

Love these guys, and love getting to document them through the years, such an honor!GF1 GF2 GF3 GF4 GF5 GF6 GF7 GF8 GF9 GF121 GF11 GF10 GF13 GF14 GF15 GF16 GF17

Families :: Welke Family:: Northern Virginia Family Photographer

This one y’all. Was so fun…SO FUN. I truly enjoyed watching the dynamics of this family play out in front of me and my camera. I couldn’t click fast enough to capture all of the silly in between antics that were going on…I could do an entire post of a gag reel from these guys.

This sweet family of five is always on the go, two in college, one in high school, and I am so happy that we finally made it work to capture some great shots of these guys…who knows, the next family photo y’all have may be at one of y’alls weddings!? (But if you wanted to do this again next year….I’d be TOTALLY down :P)….but no pressure.

Such a fun fall Sunday with these guys, meet the Welkes!

WF1 WF2 WF3 WF4 WF5 WF6 WF7 WF8 WF9 WF10 WF11

P.S. a shout out to Fall for finally coming out of her shell and showing us some color last weekend, gimme all you got Fall!!

Families ::The Hinders Family:: Northern Virginia Family Photography

It’s easy for me to call these guys a whole lot of fun and a joy to work with because they’re family. But it would be true even if I wasn’t bound to like them by marriage :).

This session has been on my calendar since February 2015, as a sweet birthday present and as a way to celebrate the latest arrival to their family sweet Gwendolyn!

And wouldn’t you know that this day just so happened to be one of the coldest days we’ve had yet this month…it’s 75 outside right now…I’m pretty sure the weather was bordering on the 40s this day as the rain clouds blew through and my fingers got number by the second :).

But the second the whole gang was there, I warmed right up as we laughed and lovingly captured this sweet family and how they love one another so well.

Love these guys, thanks for inviting me in to document your joy!


Baby Outlaw:: Wee Ones ::Northern Virginia Newborn Lifestyle Photography

And baby makes 3!

The tie breaker is here, and the wait is over! Baby Outlaw is a precious, little boy! Weighing in at just under 10.5 lbs, he is by far the biggest bundle of squish I’ve ever met at such a tiny age, way to go mama!

Baby Canaan breaks the tie breaker in the Outlaw household (however if you count the dog it’s still 3 and 3…but that’s just how I look at it :P). He is cool, calm, and collected amongst the daily happenings of an older sister and brother with loads of energy and spirit.

I can’t wait to watch this “tiny titan” as I’ve grown to call him grow up (EVEN MORE). Love this bundle, love this family, and so happy to capture this moment in time for you all.


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2015 LGP Fall Mini Sessions!


Fall is just a few days away! And with fall comes a super busy time of back-to-school, soccer, partiers, football weekends, and way more. One thing I want to make easy on y’all is checking those yearly family photos off your list, fast and simply!

Sign up today for your fall mini session!

20 minutes sessions
15 high-res images

October 10, 2015

Green Springs Gardens Annandale, VA
Time slots:
9:00 to 9:20

9:30 to 9:50

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10:30 to 10:50

Email me at lindsey.goggin@gmail.com to secure your spot today!

$50 retainer required to secure one of these spots.

Baby Gwendolyn :: Wee Ones:: Northern Virginia Newborn Photography

“And that was the beginning of fairies” – Peter Pan

Baby Gwendolyn. Baby Wendy. Baby Gwen. Baby Sweet Cheeks (I made this one up). Baby G has a number of fun, precious nicknames, but none of them truly capture how sweet and calm and loved she is, she is extra loved by her big sister Amelia who loves her WAY much, like “eyes popping out because she hugs so hard” much :).

Baby G is the newest addition to the Richards family and she is all sorts of cool, calm, and collected. She better adjust though, because this family is full of really talented entertainers and singers and actors and all of that good stuff…I’m sure she will follow big sisters path and be just as fun in no time…good luck mom and dad :).

Baby Gwendolyn, welcome to the world!